Of castle Distillery and brewery


Brewery permit

The town of Blatná obtained the permission for brewing the golden beverage for the first time in 1489 by Zdeněk Lev of Rožmitál. The beer was then brewed in the town and mansion brewery.



Baron František Hildprandt built a sugar factory in 1812 near the castle Blatná, which was rebuilt in 1885 into a distillery.


Confiscation of property

The Communists confiscate the property of Hildprandt and evict the family forcibly. The family flees from the Communists to Ethiopia at the invitation of Emperor Hajil Selassie.


Production was moved

The brewery ceased to meet its capacity and so the production moved to a modern brewery in Strakonice. Part of the original local steam engine equipment can be still seen at the Brewery Museum in Pilsen. The rest disappeared. Distillery spread to free space than again.



After many years, Hildprandt returns to Blatná and regains their property in restitution. By investing heavily, the production is equipped with modern technology to increase productivity and above all to maintain the top quality of our spirits.


Baron brand launch

In cooperation with Premier Wines & Spirits, we launched the premium brand of fruit spirits Baron Hildprandt.


Restoring of the famous brewery

Nostalgia and the desire to follow up on the many years of brewing tradition brought us back to the idea of restoring the once famous Blatná brewery. And after 38 years we have returned to this tradition with taste and verve.


Gold medal from San Francisco

The Baron Hildprandt from ripe pears has won a prestigious competition in San Francisco. The San Francisco World Spirits Competition is a world-renowned competition and the Gold Medal award is a great recognition for each brand for its well-done work and exceptional quality of spirit. For four days, individual jurors sample all samples without price or other information regarding the manufacturer of the distillate.