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Baron Hildprandt

The chateau distillery was founded by Baron František Hildprandt in 1885, opposite his water castle in Blatná. However, his family’s journey followed the motto written in their family’s coat of arms: “over the obstacles to glory”. In the middle of the 20th century, the Hildprandt family lost all their property and were forced to leave Bohemia. They lived in Ethiopia for some time, later on in Germany and it was only after the Velvet Revolution in 1990 that the Hildprandt family could return to Blatná. We all realize that the journey to success has been complicated and full of obstacles, as is the fate of the Hidprandt family. That is why we would like people to enjoy the extraordinary beverage of exceptionally delicate taste, not only during special occasions, and besides, connect the Baron Hildprandt beverage with success.

The taste of fire! by Drago


Our history began in 1885. A young baron František Hildprandt founded a castle distillery in Bohemian countryside in Blatná municipality. In summer 1888, during barley harvest, a lightning storm came and local legend has it that a dragon flew above the fields and engulfed the freshly cut crops with its flames. Thanks to this moment, smoked malt was made and drago distilled for the first time. Nowadays, this genuine product has been taken care of by master distiller Václav Šitner.


Martin´s Barrel

3 year-old whisky is made from Bohemian peated malt and water from local artesian wells. Finally, it matures at Blatná Castle Distillery in oak barrels, supervised by master distiller Václav Šitner. And why Martin’s? We donated this whisky to several Martins who had the biggest impact on this unique product creation.